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Ruby Fortune Casino Review

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Ruby Fortune Casino Review

May 26, 2016      In Casino Reviews By ,,, Comments Off on Ruby Fortune Casino Review

Ruby Fortune Casino is an online casino licensed by an independent gaming commission: the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Canada. The casino has a very good reputation when it comes to online casinos. The major reason behind this is that the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has really strict pre-requisites and procedures for obtaining a license. Ruby Fortune Casino meets these requirements and thus obtained an Interactive Gaming License, which is a big deal in itself. Of course, the license was only provided after a thorough and meticulous examination done by the National Fraud Centre.

Ruby Fortune Casino is a trusted name and operates legitimately and according to the guidelines prescribed by the licensing authority.

Ruby Fortune Casino Software

Every online casino uses software for running its operation. Ruby Fortune Casino uses Microgaming Digital Gaming Systems software which is a very well known, valued and trusted gaming software supplier. Microgaming is also a founding member of the Interactive Gaming Council. This council was established to set guidelines for the industry and establish a code of conduct for them and is dedicated to achieve the same. The company, in 1994, became the first to develop a fully operational online casino.

The software developed by Microgaming use a random number generator which is embedded and is an integral part of that software. The random number generator is monitored by the independent auditors of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Inc. The same company is also responsible for reviewing Microgaming’s ongoing payout percentages.

A very important feature of the software used by Ruby Fortune Casino is that it features an Expert Mode which enlists a number of additional functions to the user. These additional features make game playing much more convenient for the user. One such feature is the autoplay option. In the autoplay mode, the player develops a strategy and then the game automatically runs on it as soon as the autoplay mode is switched on.

Playcheck is another software used by Ruby Fortune Casino. This software generates the entire transaction history for the user so that you can review your complete game play history. For example, if you want to find out where the ball landed on the wheel in Roulette or how were the cards in Blackjack dealt or how did the spools get lined up on the slot machine. This gives you the ability to review your entire game history, which gives you greater transparency and you can even learn from your past moves.

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