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Progressive slot machines tips

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Progressive slot machines tips

There is nothing more exciting, entertaining or seductive than playing progressive slots. Progressive slot machines are generally linked together. Each time a player makes a bet, a percentage of this goes towards keeping the jackpot alive! This means that the jackpot, at the end of the day, just keeps getting bigger and better. Gamblers like to play progressive slots because it comes with a chance of a huge jackpot. When you talk about the word huge, it means that the winner will receive money that is life changing. Often, progressive jackpots are known to reach $1 million, but players can be certain it will reach six figures at least. There are many online casinos that network a group of progressive slot machines and offer one massive jackpot.

But you don’t have to avoid progressive slot machines because of the stratospheric odds. As long as you know that the odds against a win are enormous and you have realistic expectations, why not keep on playing? Firstly, some progressive slot machines are better than others when it comes to paying out jackpots. Secondly, who knows?

The huge progressive jackpots displayed in the casinos are the accumulation of a percentage of all the money dropped into the slot machine by a succession of payers over a certain time period. This means that the jackpot grows continuously as people play the machine and it keeps building until somebody hits the winning Jackpot symbols.

Because a percentage of the coins played goes towards the Progressive Jackpot, the regular payback percentage will be less on the other winning symbols and in some case the payback percentage on the progressive slot machines may even be less than other machines in the casino. This is true for the machines that offer a ‘life- changing’ jackpot. Not all progressive slot machines are the same. There are three types of progressive slot machines.

The Stand Alone Progressive Slot Machines

The ‘stand alone’ progressive slot machines are not linked to any other machines. It has no fixed jackpot, but takes a percentage of all the coins played into it and adds that to the award for the highest winning combination. A meter on the front shows you the value of the jackpot and you can watch the jackpot rising as you play. In most cases the payback is equal to the other machines of the same denomination but it is distributed differently to give a varying amount for the top prize. The progressive jackpots for the stand alone machines are lower than those from machines that are linked together.

The In-House or Proprietary Progressives

Progressive slot machines huge jackpotThese are a group of machines linked together in the casino. They may be in a single casino or linked together across several casinos if the same gaming company operates more than one casino. The jackpot comes from a percentage of all the money played into the linked machines. It may not be millions but it can be a substantial win.   These jackpots generally hit more often than the Wide Area Progressives.

The Wide Area Progressive

These are machines that offer the life-changing jackpots. The machines are linked together from many unrelated casinos. They are operated by an independent operator. Slot-maker IGT operates games such as MegaBucks, Quatermania and others in different States. The casinos share in a percentage of the winnings but the operator owns the games. The Jackpots may be large but so are the odds of hitting the big prize. Because of the costs of linking the machines and the administrative costs involved, the payback percentage on these machines is much lower than on other slots. Your chances of a win are higher on the Stand Alones and In House Progressives

So try your hand at the big progressive slot machines and pray that Lady Luck is with you but don’t make it the main objective of your play. Simply set aside a certain portion of your bankroll and use that for a shot at the big one. Slot progressive machines are sheer luck and much like buying a lottery ticket. Don’t spend your entire bankroll chasing a dream. Remember that playing slots is entertainment. Play and enjoy!

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