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Increasing the Roulette odds

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Increasing the Roulette odds

Online Casinos increasing your Roulette odds

This article discusses the roulette odds of winning every time you place a bet on the spinning wheel. As always with any casino game, the house has an edge. In roulette, that edge is 5.26%, with slightly worse odds if one were to play a 5 number bet. At online casinos, your roulette odds improve slightly by the fact that you are given cash bonuses while playing.

When you read the different types of bets, you probably wonder to yourself: if there are 38 numbers on the roulette wheel, how come the payoff is only 35 to 1? This is exactly where the house gets its edge from and this is how casinos make their money. Actually, if you bet $100 on every spin of the roulette wheel, mathematically speaking you will be losing $200 for every 38 spins. This is how the casinos make money and stay in business.

Players who walk into casinos know that the house has an edge, but they still line up to find a seat at the roulette table hoping to make a killing. On the other hand, a player at the table always seems to be winning. People are drawn by the simplicity of the game which allows anyone to understand it; a great blackjack player may have an edge on the house, but it takes quite a bit of knowledge and experience to become proficient in blackjack.

In roulette, you can just walk up and place a bet on red or black or odds or evens. There is nothing difficult about that. The roulette odds of winning here are 50%. There are also ways to hedge your bets in roulette and come up with different strategies, but most people are drawn to roulette for the simple rules and social aspect of the game.

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