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Five line slot machine

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Five line slot machine

April 22, 2016      In Slots By Comments Off on Five line slot machine

Slots machine history

In the past slot machines all had very similar features, the same number of reels per machine, same number of images per reel and number of pay lines; they were all more or less the same. The only differences were the shape of the machine, the sound effects if you were to win or perhaps the images on the wheel.

Now, however, times have changed and there are many different types of slot machines available to a modern day gambler. Slot machines can have more than one pay line, three or five pay line slots being the most common ones. The five line slot machine being the most popular type.

Before the introduction of five reels in the slot machine, three reel slot machines were used. The main and the most obvious reason for this introduction was that of the aesthetic or visual impact a five line slot machine had on its players. Gambling is all about entertainment. The look, the style, the appearance and the visual appearance matters a lot in gambling and this goes for both online and land based casinos. A lot of effort and money is put into the interiors of a casino and the user interface of an online casino.

Five line slot machine advantage

Spinning a five line slot machine is much more exciting than spinning a three reel one mainly because of the fact that it adds more suspense to the game. The reels are programmed in such a way that they don’t all stop spinning at the same time. The left most one is the first to stop and the right most being the last. So the more the number of reels, the more time it takes for all the reels to stop and the result to be produced. This ‘wait’ adds more suspense, excitement and fun to the game.

The players can select which pay line to bet on. The more the number of pay lines selected, the higher the total stake will be, but then the chances to win on each spin will also be considerably higher. With so much excitement and fun, have a go at the five line slot machine as this might turn out to be your favourite type of slot machine.

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