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Dueces Wild Video Poker – Strategies

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Dueces Wild Video Poker – Strategies

May 2, 2016      In Video Poker By ,, Comments Off on Dueces Wild Video Poker – Strategies

In Deuces Wild, any Deuce (meaning a 2) is considered a ‘wild card’ and can be used as any other card in the deck, like Joker in many card games. The Deuce can be any suit and any rank and can be used to make a winning hand. When you get one or more deuces in your final hand, the casino software will determine the other cards you are holding and will automatically assign the best suit or rank or value to your Deuce to give you the best possible payout.

Quick Tips

Always play the maximum coins per game, as the payout for five coins played is far greater than five times the payout for only one coin

Always play at machines that offer full-pay Deuces Wild pay schedules of 9/5 (9 coins for a straight flush and 5 for 4 of a kind under the one coin payout schedule)

Always hold deuces.

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