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Dueces Wild Video Poker – Rules

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Dueces Wild Video Poker – Rules

May 2, 2016      In Video Poker By ,, Comments Off on Dueces Wild Video Poker – Rules

The most popular of all the video poker games is undoubtedly Deuces Wild. The objective of the game is to obtain a winning five card poker hand. The game is called Deuces Wild because the deuce (the “2” card) serves as a replacement for any card, much like a Joker in other games. This of course, can immediately turn a losing hand into a winning hand.

When you receive your cards, you choose which cards to hold and which ones to replace. The held cards stay, and those that are not held are replaced by the dealer with new cards. After your new cards are dealt to you, the resulting combination of cards you then hold determines whether you win or lose the hand. If you win, you have the following options which are specific to Deuces Wild:

‘Collect’ means pick up your win and play the next round.

‘Double’ means that you challenge the casino, as follows:

  • The dealer draws an open card and 4 closed cards. The open card becomes the dealer’s card.
  • You choose one of the closed cards and open it. This now becomes your card.
  • If the card you have just opened beats the dealer’s, you collect double your winnings in the round or you can double again.
  • If there’s a tie, you collect or you can again double your winnings in the round.
  • However, if you lose, you forfeit your original bet and you lose the round.

‘Half double’ means that you challenge the casino on only half your winnings. One half is returned to you immediately and another half is wagered for the double game. If you lose, you do not forfeit the half of the win which has been returned to you.

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